In the heart of Miami, a 6,000 sq.ft. fully equipped facility including 3,000 sq.ft. of soundproof and air conditioned Film/TV studio with a 10,000 sq.ft. empty parcel for outdoor filming or free parking. Film Studios Miami is a full-service studio located in the posh Design District, offering a wide array of in-house services for your TV, movie, advertising, web series, vertical news or digital content.









We provide solutions. From questions on required permitting for South Florida and Caribbean, to complete pre-production, we tailored our solutions to your needs. Our in-house capabilities make the hard tasks simple, priced right to help your filming budget. You can just rent our studio. Or rent our studio with all the technical equipment for your project. You may hire our director of photography. You can ask us to do casting, catering, makeup, costumes, styling or any other ancillary product or service. You can ask us to scout locations for your production. Our experience in the industry and ourstructural capabilities make us the ideal partner for your production in South Florida.

Where to find the best beach for that romantic sunrise you need? When is sugar cane at its tallest for that chase scene?  Film Studios Miami is your source to reduce your time and money investments for all yourpre-production services. Contact us

Studio Rental

The studio portion of our 6,000 sq. ft. fully A/C building was conceived and designed to make your project a success. An environment created to make both celebrities and crew feel at home.  A 3,000 sq. ft. fully sound-isolated shooting area, 67’ long by 45’ wide, without hindrance from columns,  23’ ceiling height, with a 45' x 35’ grid at 22’ high for all of the technical equipment you may bring.  Both the cyclorama (32’ wide by 22’ high) and the roll-down and movable 20’ by 30’ green chroma key screen are included in the rental fee. An impressive outdoor 10,000 sq. ft. empty parcel is also ideal for set building or just parking.

The location includes a celebrityroom (320 sq. ft.), a makeup room (100 sq. ft.), and 3 dressing room (100 sq. ft. ea.), bar with refrigerator and espresso maker, 3 bathrooms (including ADA-compliant bathroom), ample and convenient parking and 23’ high entry bay door.


The office space  (with 1,500 sq. ft. open bullpen-type area) is available to co-locate your production and post-production personnel, giving you the possibility to have Film Studios Miami be your one-stop shop for your next shoot.

General Services

• Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist

• Costume and Fashion Designer

• Director of Photography

• Grip lighting

• Scenography design and set building

• Cameraperson

• Assistants

• Sound Engineering

• Switchers

• Directors

• Production designers

• Producers

• Floor Manager

• Prop rental

• Catering


Location scouting and casting

Looking for a millennium-old forest in Florida?

Searching for shark-infested waters in November or the perfect spot for turtle nesting in May?

Need a Latin Caucasian actress that speaks fluent German and French? Or forty-five 6 year-old children that play soccer?

Whether is a location or a person, Film Studios Miami can provide you the right fit for your production without your ever stepping away from your office. All of our location scouting include detailed permit requirements.



Studio Rental

General Services

Location Scouting and casting

Equipment rental

Mobile Units

Permitting and Administration


Film Studios Miami has a wide range of equipment at your fingertips.

If you wish to get a detailed list of the equipment available for rent, please email us at







Film Studios Miami provides on-location Control Room through our mobile unit. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, it makes exterior or studio shooting easy and affordable. The 12-camera switch, tricaster, and sound consoles enables the director full control over the entire process.


The nuances of permitting can be promptly resolved. Insurance regulations, city regulations, location requirements can be complicated and hard to manage from a distance. Let our permit experts help you walk the maze. Are you aware of the incentives Miami and Florida may have for your production? Our administrative staff can help you benefit from the available incentives. Just let us assist you with the paperwork and compliance matters, so you can focus on the production.




Equipment Rental

Mobile Units

Permitting and Administration


Smack in the middle of everything Miami.

Easy access from all of South Florida.


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